My camera found its way to me. It was not the other way round.

I was at university in Cape Town doing a media degree when my partner at the time gave me her Pentax K1000. I knew nothing about photography and, quite ambitiously, decided my first roll of film would be a Velvia 400. I still have the pictures on my computer. Most of them are out of focus, except for one, which by some small miracle actually turned out pretty good. It's a building on Kloof Street in Cape Town taken out of the window of a moving car. Years later, its still one of my favourite photographs.

Armed with a definite purpose I am still unsure of - or perhaps afraid of - my camera has become like a lifelong companion. It's my compass for truth. It shares everything with me, never judges me and has given my life some meaning. You wont find me doing staged shots with everyone having to pose in awkward positions and fake smiles. I like to shoot things that matter so that they can matter.

Its important for me to spend some time with the people in my pictures, I like getting to know them and how they operate. From that perspective, my job is fascinating and takes me to all sorts of weird and wonderful locations.

One of my greatest mentors taught me patience and waiting for my picture to unfold in front of me. And so, I do. I savour every moment.

Taking pictures is both a privilege and a passion.